Custom Drapes Help Keep You Cool This Summer

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Custom drapes help cut cooling costs

It’s really getting hot out there! But we bet you’re waiting until the last possible minute to crank up the air conditioner. Hey, we don’t blame you. Not only is it expensive, but air conditioners and cooling systems aren’t that great for the planet. In order to cool us down, air conditioners spew over a half billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year and contribute 24% of the country’s sulfur dioxide emissions, which is the main ingredient in acid rain.

There’s plenty you can do cut your energy bill and be eco friendly – you can install custom drapes in your home. An effective way of dealing with the sunlight, drapes can keep your home cool. About 30 percent of a home’s cooling demand can come from solar heat gain (this is the heat that’s built up when the sun shines through an open window). By minimizing the solar heat gain in your home, you can lower your cooling costs.

Drapes, like the custom drapes we make at Elegant Changes, can reduce solar heat gain 20 to 60 percent. Drapes and curtains made of light-colored fabrics reflect the sun’s rays and help reduce heat gain. As well, if your drapes and curtains are tighter to the wall, they will better reduce heat gain. The most effective for summer cooling purposes are two-layered drapes. Not as effective as drapes, blinds can be adjusted to let in some light while reflecting the bulk of the sun’s heat (make sure the reflective side of the blinds face outward). Drapes that are made from darker colors or more transparent materials are less effective, but will still trap some of the heat against the window where it can more easily escape from your home.

One of the most important elements to keeping cool is the lining used on your drapes. The lining is the backing fabric that creates more fullness and protects the fabric from lining. Most ready-made drapes don’t come with lining, so if that’s what you’ve got hanging in your home, don’t expect them to keep things cool. A proper lining on your custom drapes should be 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. Custom drapes made with a heavy-weight lining can reduce heat gain by 33 percent. And those savings can ready add up.

Here’s something you probably weren’t aware of – you shouldn’t draw your drapes or curtains too tightly on hot days. When the rooms are dark, you turn on the lights, and if you use incandescent bulbs, they typically use more energy than you are saving on air conditioning. In fact, these bulbs may even heat the room more than an unshaded window.

If you’re ready to lower your cooling costs and transform your home with exquisite custom drapes and curtains, be sure to get in touch with us!

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