Slipcover Style Secrets

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Slipcover style at Elegant ChangesLast week, we talked about Style at Home’s recent article on slipcovers and what you should think about before you buy. We gave you a list of tips you can find right here.

This week, we’re going to go over some slipcover style secrets that Style at Home suggests. Keep this slipcover list handy – we’ve got tips you’ll be able to use now and later!

• Opt for heavy fabrics, such as linen. These fabrics make for great slipcovers as they stay in place and drop nicely.

• Inverted kick pleats for the skirt in a contrasting colour give your slipcover a cool, unique embellishment that will have visitors take notice.

• To get the wrinkles out of your slipcover, throw it in the dryer with damp tea towel for a few minutes. A great idea when company is coming over and you need the house to look its best!

• For a clean, modern look that looks just like upholstery, choose a tight-fitting slipcover with minimal detailing and no skirt.

• Give your room a fresh, new look my switching slipcovers seasonally.

We hope this list makes your slipcover shopping experience that much easier. And as you know, Elegant Changes is the expert when it comes to making custom slipcovers – we’ve been doing it so long, we could do it in our sleep (and when we’re really busy, that’s just what we do!). If you drop by our showroom, you can browse the vast selection of fabrics available… or feel free to bring in one you’ve already got your heart set on. We will work with you to craft the slipcover of your dreams!


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