Winter Pet-Friendly Cleaning Tips For Your Home

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Rain and snow mean a host of paw prints in your house. If you home is pet friendly, you’ll want to keep muddy prints and stains at a minimum. Here are a few tips on how to make your life easier and your house cleaner.

  • Place floor mats at each door: Most dogs enjoy running around outdoors and going for a walk. Dirt, grime and mud stick to the surface of your dog’s paws, which they bring into your home. Stop the madness at the door. Place floor mats at each door that leads outdoors. This will assure that some, if not all, of the dirt will get absorbed at the door before your dog has a chance to spread it throughout your home.
  • Invest in an air filter: Dander and dust is flying around your home without you even realizing it. What is even more concerning is that you’re breathing it into your lungs. You can stop inhaling airborne particles by investing in an air filter or maybe a few, depending on the size of your home. Most air filter companies have specially made filters for pets. They contain built- ionizers that lessen allergens and supply fresh air.
  • Use pet wipes: These are handy for quick cleanups and removing dirt from your dog’s paws. Keeping a container close to each entry way of your home that your dog uses allows for easy access. Using these wipes will prevent further cleanup later.
  • Removable Dog Bed Fabric: Buy a dog bed that has removable fabric. That way, you can clean it regularly by throwing it into the washing machine as needed.
  • Neutralize odors: The smell of dog urine is strong and requires immediate cleaning. After clean-up you may not be able to smell it, but your dog can and will continue to use the same areas repeatedly. Neutralize odors deep down by using an enzyme-based pet odor neutralizer.
  • Clean the floors frequently: If you have carpet, you may want to invest in an automatic vacuum cleaner that can do all the work on its own. Just press the start button and let the cleaner roll around and keep your house clean. If you have wooden or tile floors you can quickly and easily use a Swiffer-type quick mop that will pick up the hair and dirt without too much effort on your part.
  • Slipcovers for your furniture: Once your furniture has pet stains or paw prints on them, they can be a pain to remove. No matter how much you scrub or what chemicals you use, those stains are stuck! Prepare for those paws and get yourself a custom slipcover. Not only do they look amazing, but you also take them off and wash them when they get dirty. No fuss and clean furniture – bring on the winter!

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