Elegant Changes is a showroom full of luxury. There are rich fabrics, sparkling mirrors, crystal, plush pillows and a whole lot of glitz and glam. It’s a space that showcases the extraordinary talents of Aggie Falcone and Marisa McLennan. These two gifted ladies are the team behind Elegant Changes, a one-stop shop for decorating. They take every job from conception to completion. They do it all, from shopping with customers to picking out furniture or selecting a custom piece. They design and manufacture custom pieces like draperies and slipcovers and have staff on hand to help with projects.

Aggie and Marisa have been in the business since 1988 and bring years of experience and expertise to every job. Elegant Changes is both a showroom and a workshop. Over the years they have seen trends come and go, but what doesn’t change is their passion for decorating. It is all about the client and the love of style. No job is too small – it’s more about interacting with the client and less about the scope of the job.

Elegant Changes takes on the entire decorating process. What sets this team apart from the rest is their on-site fabric creations and focus on craftsmanship and commitment to quality. They don’t contract out any part of the job, something they are very proud of. Aggie and Marisa have an unmatched artistic vision when it comes to fabrics – everything from draperies to slipcovers and custom bedding. And since they do thing right in their showroom, they have better quality control and can get the job done quicker.

Come into Elegant Changes today and let them help you take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.