Can You Uncover Our Great Fall Slipcover Cover Up?

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Fall puts us in a mysterious mood. Perhaps it’s because Halloween is right around the corner. Or maybe the cooler weather just compels up to cover up with a comfy sweater. Whatever it is, we want you to uncover the great deals Elegant Changes is offering during our Fall Slipcover Sale.

Reds, browns, greys, greens, oranges, golds – these are the hues that surround us in autumn’s outdoors. Bring these colours inside – you’ll fall for an array of beautiful patterns, fabrics, and styles that we’ll incorporate into your fall décor. And you’ll love our falling prices – during our sale, you’ll save 20 to 25 percent on custom slipcovers.

Here are all the fall slipcover sale perks, all at a discounted price:

  • Discount on slipcovers made from all in-stock fabric.
  • It’s all-inclusive… that means that fabric and labour are included.
  • There are oodles of different fabrics to choose from.
  • Your slipcover is custom fitted to your furniture.
  • We come to your home to take the measurements, so you don’t have to worry about cartage fees.
  • The slipcover includes piping, skirts, pillows and large zippers, so they’re easy to put on and take off.

As part of our custom slipcover sale, you can help us use up the ends of our rolls. Elegant Changes will pass along the savings of all in-stock fabric to you at an all-inclusive price.

Give us a call or drop by the showroom, and we’d be happy to help you out.

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