Our Christmas Present Is Having YOU As A Customer

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EC Thank you

During the holiday season, we’re reflect on what a wonderful year we’ve had – 2014 has brought in lots of new customers, thanks to referrals, as well as seeing faithful clients we’ve had the pleasure of serving for years.

Old faces and new ones, we love to make homes look their best, all while keeping them comfortable, practical and stylish. And over our many, many years in business, we’ve made so many good friends. It’s rare for a business to be able to say that their clients are also their friends – and for that, we are truly blessed.

Last week, a customer came in to see us. After thanking them for using our services, they looked surprised, and said, “Of course I come to you – Elegant Changes is a Port Credit Institution!” We love to hear that because it means that you’re happy and we’re doing our job right!

Thank you for making 2014 a fantastic year and we look forward to seeing you in 2015. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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