Pulling a Room Together With Wallpaper

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We here at Elegant Changes love wallpaper. It adds depth, intrigue and countless décor options to a room. We find that wallpaper really pulls a room together, and we’re seeing beautiful new designs this season.

As you can see from the picture above, wallpaper samples can be coordinated to design an entire room. This is a storyboard we completed for a client. Using a warm, neutral palette of fabrics, paint and wallpaper, it allows for the easy addition of colours that pop. In this room, we used a burnt orange, otherwise known as Sierra. And just as a side note, we went to the Toronto Design show yesterday, where we noticed that Sierra pair with neutrals was the “in” thing for this spring.

You can use call paper to cover an entire room or just to make an accent wall pop. Funky patterns, blingy sparkly and cool textures ensure that modern design comes alive on your walls.

And if you’ve been toying with adding wallpaper to your home, but still undecided, you should really come to our Redesign Party. On Thursday, March 21, you and your guests can join us for an evening of DIY interior decorating. Designers and decorators on hand to help you put together a design storyboard for one room in your home. Bring in pictures, ideas, inspirations, magazines, and more, and we’ll help you put a complete storyboard together that will totally revive the look of a room in your home. Using paint chips, fabric swatches and more, you’ll leave ready to Spring Redesign!

Watch our blog or contact us for more details on our Redesign Party.


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