Finish a Room Properly with Custom Drapery

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custom draperyCustom drapery – the oft forgotten element of home décor. It’s an afterthought. You put all this time and money into redecorating a room and end up with ready-made drapes on the windows. It’s like spending thousands on a designer outfit for yourself and topping it off with a $5 hair cut. It just throws the whole look off.

Elegant Changes has seen a perfectly gorgeous room ruined thanks to sub-par draperies. And we believe that if you’re going to redo a room right, you’d better put some thought into custom drapery. Drapery pulls a room together, showcases the windows and adds warmth (especially important this time of year).

Ready-made drapes you pick up at a story don’t usually come lined. All drapes need to come lined. It helps them hang properly and helps minimize drapes. We’ve had people come into Elegant Changes with ready-made drapes, asking us to put lining in. If you’re going to spend all that money, you should spend it on custom drapes that perfectly match your décor and come lined.

It you want custom drapery for the holiday season, be sure to come into Elegant Changes for a consultation.


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