Infuse Outdoor Living With Tuscany Style

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So you can’t afford to go to France or Italy this summer – hey, join the club! But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sights of these exotic European locations all season long. Infuse the style and sizzle of Paris and Tuscany into your patio… and you won’t want to come inside until September.

This week, we’re going to take a tour of Tuscany. Here are a few tips on how you can bring this vibrant and classic look to your patio and outdoor living space.


  • To combine Old World charm with the beauty of nature, you’ll want to create structure using trees, shrubs and lush flowers. The key to keeping it real is by keeping it simple. You’re going for rustic, natural beauty, nothing too ornate or elaborate.
  • Mediterranean style comes through in ceramic decorative tiles. On flower pots, gardening tables, pathways and other outdoor décor element, ceramic decorative tiles add a splash of color. Be sure to go with colours that tie in with what you’ve planted in your garden.
  • Nothing says Tuscany like Saltillo and Terracotta. Use these materials to create the perfect walkways and floors. It’s a great way to add a rustic feel to your outdoor living space.
  • Used for centuries in Italy to create a durable, natural finish, pebbles can be incorporated into your Tuscan-themed patio. Use colourful or sleek pebbles as an accent on walkways, a backsplash or just around the garden.
  • For inexpensive and simple décor accents, terra cotta brings Old World Tuscan charm into your garden and patio. Don’t stick with just one shape or size – mix it up and feed your creative frenzy with terra cotta planters in all different shapes and sizes. And be sure to throw in a few decorative urns and other terra cotta pottery for good measure.
  • If you want to really impress your neighbours and guests, spruce up your outdoor living space with wall art. There are stencils you can use to paint Mediterranean elements, such as vines, but if you’re looking for something fancier, you may need to bring in a professional painter. A pro will be able to make your visions of a Tuscan countryside or villa come to life on your walls.
  • Water, water everywhere – why not add a wall fountain to your outdoor living space? You can pick one up from most home improvement stores, and they make beautiful additions to your design.

Next week, we’ll be taking a whirl-wind trip to Paris to bring home some ideas you can use in your backyard.


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