Reason #21 Why You Need A Slipcover: Wet Dog

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Do you know how I welcome in the winter? With dirty, wet paw prints all over my house. And the first place my dog goes when we come in from a snow-filled walk in the sofa… with his wet paws. My cream-coloured couch was impossible to clean – that is, until I covered it with a dark grey slipcover. Now, there’s no trace of paw prints anywhere, and when it starts to look a little “ruff”, I just throw it in the wash. Good as new!

That’s just reason #21 why slipcovers are so useful. Dog owners know how hard it is to keep their houses clean in the winter (and the spring), and a quality, custom-made slipcover makes keeping your home looking it’s best much easier.

And here’s another reason to get a slipcover: we’ve extended our Slipcover Sale for two more weeks. On now until November 29, you’ll save about 25 percent off of our regular slipcover prices. Here are just a few of the basics about our slipcover sale:

  • Discount on slipcovers made from all in-stock fabric.
  • It’s all-inclusive… that means that fabric and labour are included.
  • There are tonnes of different fabrics to choose from.
  • Your slipcover is custom fitted to your furniture – a perfect fit no matter what the size or make.
  • We come to your home to take the measurements, so you don’t have to worry about cartage fees.
  • The slipcover includes piping, skirts, pillows and large zippers, so the slipcovers are easy to put on and take off.

And you don’t have to worry yourself about taking the proper measurements. We’re going to do it for you – for FREE! Elegant Changes always offers free consultations, which means we will come to see you to take measurements and to do the physical fittings in your home. Give us a call today.

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