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Stylish SlipcoversWe just got the latest issue of Style at Home magazine and we were overjoyed (but not surprised) at their announcement that slipcovers are back in style. But hey, we always knew that slipcovers were timeless… they should have called us for a quote and our opinion!

Basically, the article says that modern slipcovers aren’t the ones you remember from decades ago. The one’s around today (and the ones that we craft at Elegant Changes) are refined and sophisticated. And since slipcovers can be customized, they give the room a whole new look at a reasonable cost.

Style at Home has a few suggestions of what you should consider before you buy a slipcover and we’ve outlined the list below:

• Do you want custom, casual fit or ready made? Each of the types of slipcovers offer different choices in terms of style, cost and quality, but no matter what one you go with, it’s usually cheaper than getting a piece of furniture reupholstered or buying brand new.

• It’s all about the details. They make the difference – piping, skirts and other embellishments ready make a slipcover pop.

• What fabric do you want to go with? And it’s not just about the type of fabric, it’s also about the design (solid or pattern). If you decided to go with a pattern, you’ll need more yardage, depending on the repeat.

• If you have a picture of a slipcover you like, bring it in. This is for our reference and it helps to bring your vision to life. As well, it’s a good idea to have swatches of other fabrics and paints used in a particular room, existing arm caps and seat covers.

Next week, we’ll talk about some styling secrets you can use with your new slipcovers. And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us, drop by the store or shoot us off an email.


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