What An Idea – Custom Slipcovers For The Cottage

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Have you opened your cottage yet? If you have (and even if you haven’t), were you greeted with a dingy, second-hand interior? We’ll bet that you never thought about having a custom slipcover made for the furniture in your cottage! It’s the perfect solution – your furniture gets a fresh new look, you can take it off and wash it whenever it gets dirty, and you get tones of complements that your cottage’s interior is the nicest that your guests have ever seen!

We had one client who wanted a slipcover for a chair she had at her cottage in Nova Scotia. She gave us a picture of the chair and we sent her dimensions based on the picture. She just filled in the blanks with the appropriate measurements and we did the rest. We have the schematics for furniture of all different shapes and sizes, so you can leave your furniture at the cottage and we will make you a slipcover that fits it perfectly.

Even if you haven’t opened the cottage yet, now is the time to get a custom slipcover so you can take advantage of our Famous Slipcover Sale. Just select a fabric, put down a deposit and when you’re ready, we’ll get started.

To ensure you get our lowest prices on custom slipcovers in Toronto and Mississauga, call us, drop by the showroom or send us an email.


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  1. If I send you a picture of my love seat will you be able to tell me roughly what slip cover would cost?

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