When in Rome, Decorate With Roman Blinds!

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At Elegant Changes, we have been inundated with Roman Blinds orders – in the last 2 weeks, we’ve made 22 Roman Blinds. It’s an epidemic! And it’s safe to say that these are our top-selling window treatment.

When you order your Roman Blinds from Elegant Changes, they are fully customized to exactly what you want. And it’s not just the fabric – there are six different styles to choose from. These include Tailored, Soft/Casual, Cascading/Waterfall, Slated, Hobbled and Falson.

After you pick your fabric and style, it’s time to decide on your Roman Blinds’ opaqueness. This can range from 95% room darkening to light-defusing. Light defusing gives you 20% room darkness, which lets light in but keeps out harmful UV rays, causes less heat buildup and minimizes glare.

Finally, it’s time to choose the hardware. You can go with a traditional cord cleat system or a clutch system. A clutch system eliminates the long cord and functions the same as a traditional system.

Roman Blinds fits into décor and ties together the look of any room. Interested? Please give us a call, send us an email or drop by the showroom. We’d love to speak with you!


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