Why Should You Choose Custom Roman Blinds?

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Custome Roman BlindsWe wanted to talk about custom Roman blinds. You’ve probably heard about them before and we wanted to explain why Elegant Changes thinks they are perfect for your home.

Roman blinds are made for windows from fabric that folds into pleats when the blinds are raised. They’ve also been called fabric shades or Roman shades, but one thing’s for sure – Roman blinds are popular because they fit into a variety of interior decor schemes.

To make custom Roman blinds, we take a solid fabric panel and mount slats into the back of it. The slats are attached to cords that pull the slats together when the blind is raised. This forces the fabric to fold into pleats.

There are different types of Roman blinds as well. Flat Roman blinds lie flat when fully lowered. Hobbled Roman blinds come with extra fabric that overlaps when closed. With teardrop Roman blinds, the hobbled design creates a soft pleated effect. This offers an extra layer of insulation when the blinds are closed.

And you guessed it – Elegant Changes specializes in custom Roman blinds. There are the most popular of all the fabric shades for a few reasons. Custom Roman blinds give you versatility and add warmth to a room. Make them decorative by choosing your own fabric. Custom Roman blinds offer easy maneuverability, and thanks to new mounting boards, it’s easy to set them into place, make them bigger and to raise and lower the blinds.

When you order custom Roman blinds from Elegant Changes, you’d pay pretty much the same price as you would for a brand name. Only with ours, we make them with your choice of fabric, fitted specifically to your window. Give us a call, send us an email or drop by the store – we’d love to talk custom Roman blinds with you!


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