Why We’re Hung Up On Drapery

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mississauga-draperySome people consider drapery as a second thought or as a décor element that’s just not that important. These people settle for third-rate, department store, one-size-fits none drapes… and then they’re surprised when the room doesn’t look as pulled-of as they had hoped.

If you want to do interior décor right, you need to put thought into every element in a room – and that includes drapes. Window treatments are a major influence on modern décor. And if you want people ohhhing and ahhhhing when they see your home, you need to invest in drapery that shows off your impeccable taste.

Drapery can be simple, but it adds elegance and it completes a room. It can make a bold statement or enhance the rest of the room’s décor, all while adding colour and warmth. Drapery can offer privacy and really bring out the shape of a window by adding definition. And drapes are energy efficient – it keeps out the cold of winter and the heat of summer, which means you save money on heating and cooling costs.

Our custom-made window treatments start with an in-house consultation, so we can offer you practical advice on the appropriate drapery that will work best your windows. We’ll also help you with colour and fabric choices so you can make sure your home pop with style. If cost is a concern, a simple balance is relatively inexpensive while still completing your decorating statement.

We’re the drapery specialist, and our job is to ensure that you will love your drapes. It will fit properly and are hung professionally. Please give us a call or send us an email to talk about how your home can be enhanced from custom-made drapery.


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